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10 Creative Business Cards Ideas

Even if you may think business cards are things from the past in the smartphone era, these old-fashioned resources still have an important role in a businessperson’s daily routine.

Sharing a business card is faster, more comfortable and easier than copying a name, phone, and email to a smartphone’s address book. Potential customers or providers can have you in their mind if your business card causes them a good impression.

How to Buy Cheaper and Better Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Your kitchen is the soul of your restaurant. Any restaurant owner knows that the proper commercial kitchen equipment can improve the quality of the dishes and the efficiency in the kitchen. But, at what cost? You also know high-quality commercial kitchen equipment comes with a hefty price-tag. Here you’ll find tips on HOW and WHERE to buy your commercial kitchen equipment. By following them you’ll save money without sacrificing quality.

How to Choose a Lender for Your Business

Choosing a lender for your small business is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as an entrepreneur. The growth and stability of your company may depend on your decision. When done right, your choice will involve much more than getting access to capital. A good lender not only will provide you all the information you need in a transparent and honest way; he will also provide you with ongoing assistance, tools, and resources to improve your financial performance and promote your growth. He has to be familiar with your industry and the peculiarities of your business.

Installing and Using Perf in Ubuntu and CentOS

Performance is one of the most complicated parts of systems administration.  Whenever you are trying to investigate the source of bad performance or the reason for the high workload, you need the right tools to do so.

Perf is one of those tools. It’s a performance counter for Linux that you can use to gather data about performance of your system.

How to record Terminal sessions as ASCII video in Ubuntu

There are several times that you might need to record a video of a sequence of commands in terminal. Let it be for a tutorial or for teaching seasons or just for your own reference.

Recording a video does not allow you to copy from it, so you need to provide some transcript of the video if you want your viewers to be able to copy your commands for further use.

How to Get Equipment Financing for Your Small Business

Oscar Wilde once said: “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” This also applies to businesses. Even when your business seems to be working good, there will come a time when it comes stagnant if you only rely on your own means. A good entrepreneur has to foresee the next steps. Taking your business to the next level often comprises investing in equipment. When you haven’t the cash to afford those investments or you simply don’t want to strain your financials, equipment financing could be your answer.