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How does internet work?

The easiest way to understand how internet works is thinking about a road network, if you wants to go from one city to a distant one, you should prepare a route towards our target location. We likely make part of the trip by roads and part by highways. It's also likely we might need to switch to different roads/highways several times, those road switches use to be done on communication nodes (which sometimes match with cities)

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PostgreSQL has taken an enormous lap in last years, not only in features, but in performance and modules, in several cases we have no hurry to upgrading 9.6 while there is LTS. In many other cases we might want to next latest features or test extensions like PipelineDB, we will walk you thhrough the update procedure in Debian to reach release 11, these steps will be sufficient for any mayor release upgrade.

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Debian is absolutely marvelous in almost everything, but updates policy, most distributions struggle to keep their packages on latests software versions, but it's worse when you are using Stretch or Jessie.

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Let us start a series of articles about security basics on an user level, we will start over from the roof, taking a look at what's a VPN, which are the options to use them, in which events it's recommended to use one and over all which advantages it gives to us. On top of that, we'll see the different options to us VPNs in our devices.

A thousand miles travel starts with a single step

I've just created this site as a place to store all the information I use to get while testing things, I'm a restless tester, I like testing new things, install new applications, make some changes and since I use to not make them in an ordered way or taking notes, the second time I try to make the same I don't  remember what I did and I need to start over again.

Rest Drupal 8 Logo

In this article we will prepare Drupal 8 to publish content and views using REST in JSON format, after that we might be able to use jquery mobile to create a light mobile version of the web.

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Debian can be wonderful, over all if you have a processor not supported by other distros, but sometimes the release cycle is too slow and you get yourself stranded in old versions, in this case, you can use Debian Backports, to bring you back to the future of more advanced packet versions.

a desktop with several electronic devices from several users

A collaborative tool integrating email, scheduler, contacts and additional elements can be very useful, Exchange is a great tool for companies, but we will try to make an alternative tool from free software, that's the beginning of a trip that I could be entertaining and productive.


In this article we are going to make a first approach to Drupal¡s view system to create a block and a page that shows most common taxonomy elements and the number of articles for each element.

But.. how you dare to write articles without attachments

Little by little we are adding new articles and now it's time to add functionalities to Drupal 8. In this article we are going to prepare text editor to attach files to article's content.

Ansible for all

Ansible allows us to make actions to manage resources on a very efficient , ordered and fast way, when we start a new environment it's really useful being able to generate a user with whom we can right login, start over nad run commands all in a single step.

Ender's Game, frontpage

In this article we will see what is Ansible, what we can do with it and how we can install and make a test with it