Back into SEO, Metatags

where are you?

In order to get a good positioning on searches, every help is welcome, but not only to be able to achieve this, but to be able to see how well are pages are positioned on Search Engines. All this functions are served by module Metatags in Drupal and we are going to install and config it.

As usual, we will download it on console:

tar -zxvf metatag-8.x-1.0-beta11.tar.gz
rm metatag-8.x-1.0-beta11.tar.gz

There are serveral modules to activate, they provide tags for different consumers, including Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Google which we might be on a different article. Now we will activate the bare needed ones.

Modulos de metatag

Once we have activated all modules we want we can go and configure the module, adding all meta tags we estimate on the search group.

We can configure global tags and individual tags for each kind of page (let it be singluar pages, content, user or taxonomy terms).

We can use all tokens on meta tags so this will ease our work and help us use the page context.