A collaborative tool based in free software.

a desktop with several electronic devices from several users

When you start a new collaborative project, communication and information sharing can be a big problem, agenda, emails, contacts, at the end each one ends up having his own database. People in a company use to have different tastes, different phone brand, email clients, even browsers so it's never easy to integrate a single monolythic solution. I've been using for years two wonderful tools that work flawlessly:

  • Dbmail.- It's an email server with storage backend in a database, it's really powerful and resilient, database provides two big advantages, administration and data exploitation.
  • Davical.- Awesome implementation of Caldav and Carddav.

Both solutions share a common drawback, they are missing a powerful administration interface and of course they are not integrated one with another. On their side both are free software, mature and resilient, they both work over PostgreSQL and both follow widely spread standards so we will be able to find several mail clients, both desktop and mobile able to work with them.

Someone could say, all these things are offered by Google, or Apple, or Yahoo or <insert here your provider> and in most times with a free tier, but as Richard Stallman said, if the service is served at no cost then you are the product. I personally think sometimes it's good to retain control over your own information, and on top of that onver your own organization.

I have a hobbyist project to deploy both dbmail and davical form scratch (of course with Ansible since it's addictive) and creating a small frontend on top of it to be able to administer it, probably with Drupal, who knows I might be diging into project management and GTD or private clouds, we will see.

I will also show how to create structured content in Drupal and with a touch of luck we will toy with themes too.