Google Analytics... the unknown frontier

the unknown frontier

To be able to know who is visitting your site, from where and how it is doing so there is an analytic library provided by Google (Google Analytics) - good for that and God knows good for what else - it's always interesting to install this library and manage our site in Google Analytics.

First steps with analytics

For the sake of analytics, we have a Drupal module available to be installed, since we already installed drush we can have the module instaled in no time:

cd /var/www/drupal
drush en google_analytics # this will also install dependencies

Once we have the module installed and no errors during the installation, we can go into configuration in our browser "admin/config/system/google-analytics" and once there it will ask us the ID of our property, we must go into Google Analytics and create a new account and a property to be able to track our progress.

In order to create a new property we need to give to it a name and a URL, at the end of the form we will get a tracking code, this is the code we need to configure our Drupal module, if there is nothing special to be done we have just finished the configuration, in some minutes we can see data entering into Google Dashboard.

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