Drush comes to help

One of the main issues with Drupal is that you need often to choose between stable releases and functionalities. By the time I wrote this article Drupal 8 had a lot of functionalities on its core but most of the interesting modules were on alpha or beta releases, and worse enough, sometimes unstabilities can mean you can't uninstall from UI. On these cases we have a tool that makes Drupal a more rounded system: Drush.

where is my utopia

Well, we have already installed our new Drupal site and after getting into matter we can take a look and see how we can prepare our brand new site to help search engines knowing which is the content of our site (that's indeed what is called SEO).

Some things search engines like are maps of your site (sitemap) clean urls (as we did here, our site is prepared for clean urls but this does not mean our nice - node/x - urls are very clean and meaningful).

Let's go step by step:

Drupal 8 is comming soon

Once we have upgraded Debian and we have the right version of PHP we can proceed to Drupal installation, in this article we will do the basi installation of Drupal 8 in Debian Jessie

Launching Drupal 8

On this article we are going to start a VPS, download Drupal and make a basic Apache configuration