the unknown frontier

To be able to know who is visitting your site, from where and how it is doing so there is an analytic library provided by Google (Google Analytics) - good for that and God knows good for what else - it's always interesting to install this library and manage our site in Google Analytics

where are you?

In order to get a good positioning on searches, every help is welcome, but not only to be able to achieve this, but to be able to see how well are pages are positioned on Search Engines. All this functions are served by module Metatags in Drupal and we are going to install and config it.

where is my utopia

Well, we have already installed our new Drupal site and after getting into matter we can take a look and see how we can prepare our brand new site to help search engines knowing which is the content of our site (that's indeed what is called SEO).

Some things search engines like are maps of your site (sitemap) clean urls (as we did here, our site is prepared for clean urls but this does not mean our nice - node/x - urls are very clean and meaningful).

Let's go step by step: