About me


Who is Luis Amigo?

I think the word that best describes me is curiosity, and that's the main reason I started this page, making tests, researching things and leaving them noted down for future reference.

Some details:

  • B.S. in Telecommunications
  • Twice a father
  • Hobbyist Programmer (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, R, C)
  • System Admin
  • DevOps
  • Sometimes a Free Software contributor
  • English  - Spanish localization agent
  • Outreach Writer
  • Sometimes support agent

Some Interests:

  • Data Science
  • Security
  • Decoupled architectures
  • Application performance study

Some projects:

  • Sometimes Drupal contributor
  • Spanish group moderator at Drupal
  • Manitou-Mail translator

Some articles: